This page is dedicated to those pilots from abroad that want to come flying in Spain with their own ULM and want to know how to obtain a Permit to Fly from our Civil Aviation Authorities.

First of all you should know that in Spain, according to our ULM regulations:

  1. It is prohibited to fly in Controlled Areas.
  2. You shouldn’t fly above 1.000′ AGL.
  3. A permit to fly is necessary for those pilots from other states/countries
  4. The definition of ULM is that found in Annex II of EU Regulation 216 part e)

In order to receive your permit to fly within Spanish Airspace with your ULM, our CAA (AESA) have created the following Permit to Fly – Request Form. It is an online active fields form, so you can fill it on your computer and print it with all info ready to be signed and delivered.

Fill out the form and send it by email to or post to:

AESA, Servicio de Trabajos Aéreos y Aviación General, C/ General Perón 40, primera planta portal B, 28020 Madrid, España.

You have to attach copies of the appropriate documents specified in the form. Check  which ones you need and attach them.

If you have any questions just let us know. If you send your form by post it is recommended that you send it by registered (certified) mail.

If you have any doubts or questions, just contact us at: We’ll do our best to help you.